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73 [Video]

[Guess who died in the wreckage of the Old Sieben... but is back?]

[Sano's wandering around the new settlement, looking more than a little lost]

...Where did the old village go?

Heisuke? Kondou-san? Yamanami-san? Hijikata-san? Okita?

...Virginia-san? Kazuki-dono? Raine-san? .......Katsura-san?


72 [Accidental Video]

[The camera appears to be set up in a simple, traditional-style Japanese room. Footsteps approach, a single pair at a running pace, and soon the shouji screen slides open to reveal Sano, panting like he's run all the way here from somewhere far off.]

Heisuke! Are you home?

[He catches sight of a small, pale-haired figure in a blue kimono, and smiles with all too obvious relief. That fades into distress, though, as he realizes it's just a Heisuke-sized wood puppet]


...Another trick...?

Does...does anyone have any extra copies of the SIE-7 forms? I think I need to start over...

...Actually, it'd be great if someone could explain them to me. I keep trying to figure out what half of these spaces are for, and I'm still kind of not getting it.

Sorry to bother you all like this!

[OOC: Sano was not cut out to be a salaryman. As a matter of fact, I think if he were in Japan today, he'd probably wind up as one of those guys who work at construction sites and convenience stores. He's adorably fail, but...well, fail.

So, have your failtastic entry-level worker who is really confused about everything! We'll say he had to get a real job after an injury made him give up professional sports. Yes.]

70 [Video]

[Sano the cowboy sits with his back propped against a rock, a fire crackling before him as the stars glitter far off behind him. He has a mostly-full bottle of whiskey beside him, and a guitar he barely knows how to play in his lap.

He's looking up at the sky, his face turned lit up in red and orange by the campfire, looking quite content.

...Mighty peaceful out here. A man could get awful used to this kind of life...

52 [Voice]

I know the servants of my household have been working hard to keep things running in my wife's absence... Take the day off, please. I know it's been hard on you, too.

[Private to Self | Hackable]

Virginia...I never was the husband she deserved...never loved her the way I should have been able to...and now she's gone...

[sigh] This house isn't the same without her...


51 [Voice | Japanese | Locked, Hackable]

I...I want to believe that we're doing the right thing. We're fighting for the glory of the Emperor, right...?


I see blood whenever I close my eyes, and nothing makes the screaming stop. I'm tired... I'm so tired of all this... Is anyone right anymore?

It's like a nightmare that doesn't end, whether I'm awake or asleep. I don't...I don't want this...

[[OOC: Let's be honest--Sano probably had a bit of PTSD to begin with. Modern warfare and not being convinced of the rightness of his actions doesn't make things any easier on the poor guy.]]

50 [Accidental Video]

[Sano is kneeling quietly in his tent, by a small, hand-made Butsudan. He's placed small offerings of food and drink there, and there are three lit sticks of incense letting the smoke rise slowly into the air. In contrast to his usual outspoken, friendly nature, he appears quite serious and contemplative.]

Almost the New Year...

How long has it been now? The last time we spent the holiday together...feels too far away.

I miss you all...

[He stares at a spot on the ground, almost shyly, anything else he wants to say bouncing around his head for some time. Eventually, he glances up at the altar and smiles slightly]

...But you don't have to worry about me. I'm keeping well, and Kondou-san's started the dojo up again here, so there's plenty to do, and a lot--most of my friends are here. So I'm fine...Rest easy.

I'll make sure to bring your favorite foods and some sake when the New Year gets here.

[He gets up, happens to glance at the computer, and turns a bit pink in the cheeks] ...Oh.

[ooc: Ohgod, this is the third time I've made him an icon with this picture... but it's the first time I've been at all pleased with the results. First one was bland, second one was really badly colored... third time's the charm? Also, the incense totally smells like still-in-the-oven sugar cookies. EXACTLY like them. Anyone in nearby tents may feel free to notice this.]

49 [Voice]

Sanzo-san? I, uh, left something by your tent. I hope it's all right...

Does anyone have plans for the New Year? Virginia-san and I were talking, and we were thinking we should have a party for everyone here...

[Private to Self | Haaaaaaackable]

I'm thankful for the friends I have here--Kondou-san and Okita and Yamanami and Hijikata-san, and Virginia-san and all the people I've met here. But... it's strange. This will be the first time in years I've seen a new year in without Heisuke around.

...It's not like I was really anything to him. I know we're just friends. But... He's been gone for months, and it's still really weird not having him here. I still keep catching myself stocking up on food I don't eat that often because he always came around asking for it, and pouring two cups of sake when I drink, and wishing my sparring partners fought more like him...

I miss him a lot. I hope the next year smiles on him, too, when it comes...


[OOC: Sanzo, Sano knows jack about smokes, firearms, or Western booze. So he got you as many packs of smokes, of assorted types (with the hope that some are okay) as a very big guy can carry in an armful, and a jug of sake!

Also, as a general note, my Shinsengumi guys and Ling Tong aren't going to think it's the New Year until the lunar new year hits. Because to them, it isn't.]

48 [Voice]

So what's this holiday everyone keeps talking about? Some kind of Western thing, I guess...

...Does it have to do with the little glass balls that were all over my tent this morning? I guess that could just be the Hibou being strange, though.

47 [Video]

[Sano is out by the fields, panting a little, bits of pink grass clashing outrageously against the orange fur they're stuck in.]

This curse is fun! Kondou-san is acting strange, but I can run even faster now and everyone is getting along and I'm bigger than the bears now! Does anyone want to race? Or spar? Or scratch my tummy?


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